Individual Coaching

When you have people in your organisation that are:

  • Struggling to make the shift from individual contributor to manager or leader.
  • Doing all the work themselves instead of empowering their teams.
  • Demonstrating little empathy or self-awareness.
  • In the weeds and need to step back and be more strategic
  • Lacking in personal impact and presence.
  • Starting a family or experiencing long term illness.

Although the experience of coaching is individual, its impacts are felt far more widely. Team members feel appreciated and supported. Relationships are strengthened and improved.

Coaching is sponsored by someone within the organisation (such as a line manager) and goals are set in collaboration between coach, individual, and sponsor. Sessions are kept confidential so it is encouraged that the individual and sponsor meet regularly to discuss what they’re learning.

Over six sessions across 6-8 months, individuals will access their own skills and strengths to become more engaged and confident, more productive, and more likely to grow into leadership roles.

How does it work?

Step 1: Get in touch to set up a free 30-minute call with Jude to chat about what you want to get from the coaching programme, either for yourself or someone in your organisation. Jude will talk through how we can structure the coaching programme to meet your desired outcomes.

Step 2: The individual receiving the coaching has a 30-minute chemistry call with Jude to talk about what they want from the programme, ask questions and decide if there is a good fit between them.

Step 3: If the chemistry is positive we’ll do all the necessary legal stuff such as sending you an agreement to sign and your first invoice. If the fit isn’t right, Jude will recommend other coaches.

Step 4: Jude meets with the coachee and their line manager or coaching sponsor to agree the goals for the programme. Afterwards Jude and the coachee have their first coaching session.

Step 5: If agreed, there is another meeting with the coachee and their line manager or coaching sponsor to talk about progress and measure impact. Afterwards Jude and the coachee have their last coaching session.

Step 6: The coachee is energised and fulfilling their potential.


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