Quarterly Check-in

It’s wheel of life quarterly check-in time! 
Wow, what a mouthful. 
I have a confession to make. 
🙈 I haven’t looked at my wheel and commitments since we checked-in last time 🙈 
I made the classic mistake of writing down my intentions and then putting them away, out of sight. I’ll tell you at the end what I’m going to do differently this quarter. 
But for now, grab your wheels from last time, get some paper, pens and make yourself comfy and let’s dive in. 
(Note: never done this before? No worries you can get started with How to check in with yourself.).

The Check-in 

  1. There are new reflection questions this quarter to keep things fresh, but if they don’t work for you use the ones from the first check-in.
  2. Redraw your wheel of life and rate yourself on each segment. You can use the same segments as last time or change them, it’s up to you.

Look at all your wheels side by side, what do you notice? 

My wheel of life in July that shows my self-rating on eight areas, family, business, learning, garden, home, health, money and friends.
My wheel of life in April that shows my self-rating on eight areas, family, business, learning, garden, home, health, money and friends.

The first thing I notice is a drop in my business and learning segments.  
I’m not surprised because I put my energy into writing and launching Think Like A Coach and wasn’t consistent with business development (BD). And I know times feel tougher when I don’t feel like I’m learning much.

3. Look at where you committed to spend your energy, what went well? 
Despite my commitments being hidden in a notebook I’ve done surprisingly well focusing on my energy. Writing your goals down really does work, and we’re going to super charge that this month! 

   – Trip to NZ was actually restful

   – Been consistently waking up at the same time every weekday and going to the gym 3x a week.

   – Had tests done to try to get to the root of my tiredness, (spoiler: I’m pretty sure it’s perimenopause related but ruling anything else out first). 

4. What animal best describes you this quarter, and why?  

I’ve been like a squirrel who can’t remember where they buried their nuts. Switching between email, LinkedIn and Instagram like they’ll magically appear. 
5. What advice do you want to give yourself for the next quarter?  

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”  

Make it visible 

Writing down your commitments primes your brain to look for opportunities to keep them. But you know what’s even better? Making them visible.  

I’ve written the quote above up on my whiteboard so I can see it everyday 

In what way might you make your commitment(s) for this quarter visible?

Want to go one step further?

Reflecting on your progress can help you see your successes and highlight other ways to achieve your goals and it only takes 6 minutes
Send me an email  and let me know what animal you were last quarter. 

Where can I buy a copy of Think Like A Coach? 

Think Like A Coach is available in the UK from Amazon and The Right Book Press. Worldwide it is available through Amazon. Links here.

Want practical coach ideas that you can use everyday?

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