A quick way to encourage your team to be more creative and innovative

Trying to encourage your team to be creative and innovate is easy.

All it takes is a subtle shift in language, from things like:

  • That won’t work because…
  • That works in theory, but…
  • We’ve tried that before and the problem was…


  • Tell me more
  • Yes, and…

Asking, tell me more, allows you to understand the idea before you evaluate it.

Saying, yes and… encourages you to build on the idea and help it grow. The best ideas don’t come out of our mouths fully formed, they go through many minds.

Catch yourself when you start from a critical mindset and shift to a curious one instead.

So as you go about your week, notice how often you catch the critical phrases on your lips and see if you can replace them with the more curious ones.

Then let me know how it goes, I promise you’ll get a reply.

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