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At Think With Jude, I coach managers and I teach managers to coach.

I  create an environment in which people can change the conversations they’re having – both with themselves and with the people around them. A simple change can have a far-reaching impact, which I’ve been proud to see in so many organisations I’ve partnered with.

Individual Coaching

One-to-one coaching empowers individuals to thrive and prosper both professionally and personally.

Although the experience of coaching is individual, its impacts are felt far more widely. Coaching is sponsored by someone within the organisation (such as a line manager) and goals are set in collaboration between coach, thinker, and sponsor.

Over six sessions across 6-8 months, individuals will access their own skills and strengths to become more engaged, more productive, and more likely to grow into leadership roles.

Coaching Skills for Managers

When managers use a coach-like style with their teams it reduces their workload, makes development easier, and leads to greater commitment and responsibility.

But traditional coaching models are more suited to coaches than managers so I developed the Coaching Triangle. An easy-to-use framework that taps into the listening and questioning skills managers already have, to help them coach their team members.

From a keynote to a webinar or workshop, I can tailor a programme to meet your needs and nudge your managers towards taking a coach-like approach more often.

Presentation Peer Mentoring Groups

Presenting is about making the most of any moment to get your message across.

Peer mentoring groups, of up to eight people, are tailored to your organisational needs. This could be a high energy two hour session or a more in-depth series of workshops where individuals work on a real life presentation. More practice and feedback equals more confidence and audience engagement.

Whichever the option you go for, one thing is certain, everyone will leave with a personalised set of presenting tips they can start using immediately.

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