What nature tells us about growth

We can learn so much from nature, I mean it has been around longer than we have.

Take for example training an espalier tree.

An espalier is a tree that is grown flat with the help of supports so that there is one central trunk with layers of horizontal branches growing from each side. Like this:

If you want symmetry, with branches on each side being the same length then you tie the longer branch to a support that pulls it downwards, this reduces the vigour of its growth.

At the same time you tie the shorter branch to a support that lifts it up and this encourages more growth.

Nature knows that when you put things down their growth slows and when you raise them up it speeds up.

Much like people.

Much like your team members.

Much like you.

What can you do this week to encourage growth?


PS: check out Fix the environment, not the person for another lesson from nature.

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