The best questions start with ‘WHAT’

I’ve got a challenge for you.
In your next conversation with someone, try only asking questions starting with ‘What’.
For example:
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  • What are your thoughts?
  • What have you thought of already?
  • What do you want out of this situation?
  • What would the ideal scenario be?
  • What can I do to help you?
  • What is the connection between these things?
What questions are focused on the other person, they invite curiosity and exploration, they help people find the solutions themselves.
Unlike questions that start like:
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  • Have you thought of….?
  • Do you think that …..?
  • Is it possible that…?
  • Have you considered…?
These look like questions on the outside but really they are your opinion disguised as a question, they hint at the solution, at what you think the person should do.
If want your team to be thinking more for themselves, to believe in their own abilities more and to act without having to consult with you every time then, give this challenge a try.
And guess what? That’s coaching.
PS1: Try it and drop me a line to let me know how it goes, I love hearing from you and will reply within the week.
PS2: As I was writing this I came across 3 exceptions to the using ‘what’ rule
  • What about….?
  • What you want to do is…
  • What now?
Are there more out there I’m missing?

PS3: Weekly check-in – week 14

I’m finding it really does help to have you all to report into each week.

√ – exercise, any exercise no matter how small.

Elephants  every day I either coach or facilitate I do a 6 minute reflection. This week I’m realising that the impatience I’ve been feeling is waning and I’m able to sit with it rather than give into it.
64 the number of weeks in a row I have published a weekly letter – subscribe here.

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