I want to appreciate you for your curiosity.
It’s what has brought me to my laptop every week for the past 71 weeks.  It’s what inspires me to find things to write about.
Knowing that you are out there, curious about what I might be thinking.
It’s probably such a little thing to you but it’s a big thing for me.
Just like actually telling people in your life you appreciate them and notice them.
Such a small act that brings joy, makes people feel valued and builds connection.
I think it often means more if you notice the little things, like when my husband put the container that a friend gave me a cake in, in the dishwasher that morning knowing I was heading over to her’s later that day.
Or maybe it’s appreciating someone for their reliability, even if that’s just their job.
Because when you are on the receiving end of an appreciation it feels amazing. You feel joy, warmth, valued and seen.
Your thinking is supercharged and unbound.
So my encouragement to you this week is to take a moment each day to notice a quality in someone, or something they’ve done that has made your life a little easier and tell them.
Watch for their smile, it will be bright enough to light the dreariest day.
PS1: Here’s a word cloud to give you some ideas of qualities you can appreciate people for.

You can add your own by clicking here or going to menti.com and entering code 99 91 70 2 – all submissions are anonymous.

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