Are you making this mistake too?

One of the things I notice about my clients is how good they are at making themselves small.
Like my client Te Mania,¬† who started our coaching session by saying he hadn’t done much since last time and when I asked him to tell me more, he then divulged 5 things he had done but diminished it by saying it wasn’t much.
Or Clara who is looking for a new job and is worried about her lack of knowledge about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. All she has done is introduce diversity reporting and affinity groups in her current organisation  that had nothing when she started there.
Or Viktor, who after telling me his strategy then tells me he doesn’t know how to create a strategy.
Diminishing yourself and your achievements doesn’t serve anyone.
What it does is erode your confidence and self belief.
It strengthens the voice of doubt in your head that holds you back from being the awesome person you are.
Yeah, yeah I know, you don’t want to sound arrogant and you’re not the type of person who shouts “look at me!” But I bet you’re the type of person who wouldn’t let their friends talk about themselves this way. Who would be heartbroken to hear the little people in their lives talk this way.
So be a role model. Be the person who makes it ok to talk about their achievements so others know it is ok too.
It’s OK to take credit for what you’ve done.
It’s OK to acknowledge all the things you have done towards your goal even if you haven’t achieved it yet.
It’s OK to take up your space in the world.
If people can’t handle how awesome you are then smile and move on to those that can.
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