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Most people already have everything they need to thrive in their jobs, achieve their goals, and improve their performance – they just don’t know how to access it yet. At Think With Jude, my role is to create an environment where people can change the conversations they’re having with themselves and the people around them.

When I work with teams who are struggling to gel, people who feel stuck, frustrated, and resigned, or groups within an organisation that would benefit from understanding each other better, it’s incredible to see how much can change through a single conversation.

They begin to see things differently. They understand how much influence they have. They gain confidence. And the knock-on effects are huge – increased self-awareness to better interactions with others, a stronger pipeline of diverse talent, and increased people retention. Although the experience of coaching is individual, its impacts are felt far more widely.

I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) who combines an antipodean attitude with over a decade of experience living and working in the UK. After nine years coaching internally at Deloitte here in London, I set out as an independent coach in 2019 with a mission to help individuals and teams thrive.

We all have unconscious thoughts that influence the way we interact – or react – in certain situations. In bringing an impartial ear, a healthy dose of challenge, and the energy needed to build momentum, coaching empowers people to overcome what’s keeping them stuck and gets them closer to their potential.

Professional Qualifications

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  • MSc in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck
  • BA in Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington
  • BCA in Information Systems from Victoria University of Wellington
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach with EMCC with 9 years and 500+ hours of experience
  • Certified Team Coach with Professor Peter Hawkins
  • Time to Think Thinking Partner
  • Neuro Lingustic Programming Practitioner
  • Certified to deliver the Hogan Development Suite and MBTI Step I & II
  • Certified in The 6 Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

What people who work with me say:

[testimonial_slider style=”minimal” star_rating_color=”accent-color” disable_height_animation=”true”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1618829947238-0″ name=”Sarah Shatwell, Manager of Therapeutic Services, NHS” quote=”A space to think and talk through concerns with a good amount of challenge, curiosity & enquiry from Jude. I was able to apply my learning to interact differently with people I needed to influence.” tab_id=”1618829947238-3″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1618829947297-9″ name=”Gavin Quantoc, Director Financial Advisory, Deloitte” quote=”You were direct, responsive and challenged me. I liked this, there were a few sessions when it got quite “stretched” ie 4th session in and it was clear I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, you were very direct and told me how you felt which was good (even talked about cancelling the session). We then got back on track. This was great, rather than just “going through the motions”” tab_id=”1618829947305-7″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”1618829947339-6″ name=”Chris Hunter, Partner Audit & Assurance, Deloitte” quote=”A quick note, to let you know some great news – I made partner! effective 1 June (next week!).

I can honestly say, that your help on the panels and how to come across, had a significant impact. Impact has always been a problem for me, but apparently no more, as it didn’t come out as a feedback point at all.

So, thank you very much for your help. I know you had to kick me a couple of times, but I am so glad you did.” tab_id=”1618829947339-3″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”1618829947387-2″ name=”Joe Brassington, Director, Deloitte Financial Advisory” quote=”Jude lets me talk, listens and doesn’t interrupt. She then asks probing questions to make me think about WHY things make me feel a certain way, or make me act in a certain way. Jude is also very adaptable. She has tried a number of different techniques for coaching.” tab_id=”1618829947388-7″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”1618829947430-5″ name=”Marielle Howitt, Lead Consultant, Sysdoc” quote=”Trust Jude and go for it. Jude is not like other coaches that I have known. Her approach is unique and it’s refreshing to have someone who is from a similar background.” tab_id=”1618829947432-6″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”aafc133a-96ad-10″ name=”Geoff Hardy, Head of Resourcing, Sysdoc” quote=”We worked with Jude who developed and delivered a Leadership development programme for 28 of our staff. Delegates worked in one of three groups and six sessions per group were delivered. Jude was really supportive and responsive in developing the approach and material. The programme was delivered to a high standard and strong feedback was received from the delegates. Jude was constantly open to feedback and suggestions – and a delight to do business with. We would like to thank Jude and we look forward to working with her in the future.”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”afad64b1-b48f-8″ name=”Scrum Master in US Local Government” quote=”Jude has a light and open style that allows space for exploration, room to breathe in and out your own thoughts, along with offering reflections that moved me toward new insights and possibilities.”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Section” id=”1f94b93b-f7c3-0″ name=”Emma Richardson, Learning & Development Advisor, Carpmaels & Ransford” quote=”“It’s always a pleasure to work with Jude; she is flexible and understanding and very much works with you to achieve results.“”][/testimonial_slider]

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