A wish for you on my birthday week

It’s my birthday this week and Mr Awesome is taking me to Devon! Bring on the scones, prosecco and B roads (not in that order).
So here I am trying to write two letters before we head off so that future me can enjoy a whole week with nothing to worry about, except how to get all the plants and crystal I’m going to buy home.
I’ve got one letter written, which was going to be today’s letter and then I decided to share something with you that’s a bit uncomfortable for me.
A couple of weeks ago someone called me awesome and the little voice in my head chimed in, “Hell yeah you are, people are lucky you’re their friend!”
Wow! I mean WOW! I know I’ve been nurturing my cheerleader but she sure did surprise me.
So I’ve been debating whether to share this with you, because back when I believed people were only my friend because of what I could do for them, I would have thought this was bullshit and there was no way I was going to ever feel like that.
And yet I do.
A big part of the change was twice weekly sessions with a therapist, who I know is still there for me when I need her.
Then there is accepting praise and compliments, and not diminishing them, although I need to work on this when it comes to the success of Think with Jude (I’m going to leave the word success there even though it is triggering my inner vampire).
There is also all the amazing people I have around me, who believe in me, love me, challenge me and encourage me.
And finally the messages I have around me, like:
I am really loving my life right now and it hasn’t always been that way so I want to take this moment to acknowledge how far I have come. Do it with me.
I also want to acknowledge that maybe you aren’t loving life right now, and you can’t imagine things being any different. I want to appreciate you for your courage to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
And I want to encourage you to accept praise. Stop diminishing yourself, surround yourself with people that make you feel good and messages that give you hope and strength.
My wish for you on my birthday is that you hear how awesome you are and you believe it, because I do.

PS: Weekly check-in – week 9

 Days of exercise – Another clean sweep and I’m now faced with what happens on holiday. I’m thinking holiday means holiday and any day I do a bit of exercise is a bonus?

Pink elephants – every day I either coach or facilitate I do a 6 minute reflectionSo I missed a reflection ? It wasn’t even that I didn’t want to do it, I just forgot ?‍♀️

60 is the number of weeks in a row I’ve published this letter and I already have next one scheduled!

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