Think like a Coach

Thanks to the patient team at the Right Book Company I have a cover!

Image Description: A mock-up of my upcoming book. Think Like A Coach: Empower your teams through everyday conversations.
Image Credit: Nick Redeyoff and The Right Book Company 

I’m so excited to see this all coming together. It was just under two years ago that the team at Intelligent Ink got in touch to ask if I wanted to join their writing programme.

And here I am, four months from publication date!

As a thank-you for all your loyal support here’s a sneak peak at an extract from the introduction.

You don’t need to be a professionally trained coach to benefit from using coaching skills as part of your management style.

For example, have you ever been stuck on a problem, gone to get help from a friend and then, while you’re explaining the problem, realised you’ve worked it out for yourself? This is similar to how coaching works.

You find the answer yourself because, when your brain hears you talk out loud, it processes the information differently from when you think it through in your mind. You’d feel a bit silly talking out loud to yourself and while your friend might say nothing at all, they’re a crucial part of your problem-solving process.

By giving you their complete attention, they’ve given you the exact help you need. Do you think you’d have found the answer if they’d interrupted you or kept on typing? Often all you need to get unstuck is to be able to think out loud with someone who cares and has the patience to let you come to your own solutions.

What ideas does this spark in you?

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