3 ways to bring some sparkle and joy into your week

There’s only 6 sleeps to go till next Saturday so I’ll make this quick.
Here are three ways to bring a little sparkle and joy into your week, even if this holiday is not one that resonates with you:
  1. Drop someone a note and tell them what you appreciate about them, it will warm both of your hearts.
  2. Take a moment to jot down 3 things you’re grateful for this year to make sure your cheerleader is well fed.
  3. CELEBRATE!! in whatever way feels good for you. Celebrate the big things and the little things and celebrate each other.
Christmas is not a great time for everyone so remember to be kind to one another and to yourself.
And on that note, I’m taking a break and will be back on January 9th to share the Joy Jar idea with you. It’s something I used to do but haven’t the last few years so I’m brining it back.
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