A quick and simple way to set goals

If your future self wrote you a letter about their life what would it say?
This technique which uses the power of the frequency illusion that I wrote about last week is a quick and playful way to set goals and can be done at any time.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Grab some coloured(optional) pens, paper or your laptop if you prefer. Find a comfy place where you will be uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes and decide how far into the future you want to hear from yourself. I usually do a year but do what feels right for you.
  1. Date your page from the future and start:
Dear [your name]
Then let your imagination go wild and write whatever comes to mind. Dream big and be specific so you brain is primed with the outcomes you want.
For example instead of: “Think with Jude is still successful and has lots of regular clients”
I’d write: “Think with Jude is on track to bring in £100k. I’m 50/50 facilitating and coaching and I have increased my loyal clients from 6 to 9 with 3 new clients I’m about to start working with.”
It doesn’t have to be all work either:
“Your office is looking great, dare I say Instagram worthy, no longer do you cringe at the sight of those fake wood sliding doors”.
Remember this is a letter from future you to you, there can be in-jokes, humour, things you’d only share with yourself. The only guideline is to make it as vivid and specific as possible.
When you’re done, sign off and then decide where to put it.
If you’ve decided to type your letter, you could paste it into futureme.org and set the date of when you want it emailed back to you.
If you’ve hand written it maybe you could place it in your notebook so you stumble across it from time to time, or put it away and set a reminder and instructions of where to find it in your calendar.
And that’s it. At your chosen date read the letter again and see what has come true.
I find about 60% of what I’ve written happens although not always as I expect. The other 40% is made up of things that were:
  • no longer a priority
  • too vague
  • out of my control
So are you going to join me this year in writing a letter to your future self?
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