Coaching is a great way to help people get unstuck and closer to their potential but when you’re time poor and rushed off your feet it can seem like telling people what to do is much easier.


The thing is coaching isn’t difficult, it really all boils down to the quality of your attention. Follow me on LinkedIn or Instagram for news of my next free Coaching Made Simple workshop.

Coaching empowers people to overcome what’s keeping them stuck and gets them closer to their potential. And it’s a lot easier to try than you might think.

In this 1 hr free, lunchtime workshop you will:

  • Learn a Simple Coaching Circle that changes conversations
  • See a demonstration
  • Practice and ask questions
  • Get a recording and notes afterwards

The hardest thing about coaching is holding back your thoughts and holding the silence.

Here what people say about Coaching Made Simple:

  • I loved this
  • Amazing how such a simple technique can be so empowering
  • The aha has moment was so great to see
  • Saying very little requires A LOT of restraint
  • It highlights the real strength of a solution from within
  • I need to learn to let someone talk and not be the fixer
  • Thanks that was fab!! Really clear
  • Really simple and clear and great to be reminded of theses techniques

If you’d like to talk more about how to bring Coaching Made Simple to your organisation or event, please get in touch!

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