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Your team will improve in performance, confidence and self-sufficiency – freeing you up to do the things that excite you that are currently languishing at the bottom of your to-do list.

In this workshop I’ll introduce you to the Coaching Triangle, an easy-to-use framework that you’ll be able to start using immediately.

Many managers know they ‘should’ be coaching their teams more often, but they dismiss it as something that takes up too much time.

I’m going to dispel that myth.

As a busy Manager, coaching works best when you use it as part of your day-to-day conversations. You don’t need to spend hours with someone to see performance improvement. You just need a subtle shift in the way you have conversations with your team.

The Coaching Triangle is easy to remember and it will help you interrupt your natural impulse to solve problems for your team and instead get your team solving them for you.


Coaching for Busy Managers is a pilot programme, offered at the special price of £29.70 (reduced from £58.80)

Over 75 minutes you’ll:

  • Learn the Coaching Triangle – a framework for development conversations
  • See a demonstration of how it works
  • Practice it for yourself
  • Have all your questions answered

All I ask is that you fill out two surveys:

  1. One at the end of the workshop
  2. One a few days later to get your thoughts on how the model works in the real world (the good news is this encourages you to try it!)
Here’s what people had to say after the last workshop:

  • “I loved this!”
  • “Amazing how such a simple technique can be so empowering.”
  • “The ‘aha’ moment was so great to see.”
  • “It highlights the real strength of a solution from within.”

If you’d like to talk more about how to bring Coaching for Busy Managers to your organisation or event, please get in touch!

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