Peformance Coaching

At Think With Jude, my coaching, training, and workshops create an environment in which people can change the conversations they’re having – both with themselves and with the people around them. A simple change can have a far-reaching impact, which I’ve been proud to see in so many organisations I’ve served.

Individual Coaching

One-to-one coaching empowers individuals to thrive and prosper both professionally and personally. Although the experience of coaching is individual, its impacts are felt far more widely. Coaching is sponsored by someone within the organisation (such as a line manager) and goals are set in collaboration between coach, coachee, and sponsor. Over six sessions across 6-8 months, individuals will access their own skills and strengths to become more engaged, more productive, and more likely to grow into leadership roles.

Group Coaching

Also referred to as peer mentoring, group coaching involves supporting a group of people from across an organisation or industry who have a common goal or challenge. 6 group sessions over 3-6 months (or more frequently if needed) gives them an opportunity to move forward and develop coaching skills they can use with each other and their teams. It’s a double whammy of benefits, as each member of the group learns through working on their individual challenges as well as from others in the group.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a collaborative effort with an organisation that helps make a team more than the sum of its parts. After discussing the overarching goals and team background with the team leader, I’ll interview each member of the team individually. I then build a bespoke team coaching plan around the team’s needs. This could involve anything from sitting in on team meetings to being involved in strategy days or having an away day. By bringing an impartial ear, a healthy dose of challenge, and the energy to build momentum, coaching can empower a team that’s stuck and get them closer to their potential.

Training & Workshops

Organisational training and workshops should be about the specific needs of the people taking part – and that’s what I ensure. From leadership, coaching and management skills to career development and creating a vision, I design bespoke, experiential training that taps into the collective knowledge of the people in the room. Never a stock-standard session, every activity is tailored to business’s individual missions and challenges. From a single hour-long workshop to ongoing training across a year, sessions are concerned with ‘the doing’ – helping people put their learning into practice before they even leave the room.