Peformance Coaching for Organisations

To be successful in your market, your people need the support to be even better leaders, build even better teams and develop even better relationships.

I help Heads of People with their people performance challenges, especially how to get more women into senior leadership positions.

I have been a coach, team coach and leadership development specialist for 8 years and was in a learning function in one of the Big 4, supporting 2,000 people.

I am accredited through the EMCC and hold a MSc in Organisational Behaviour.

Performance challenges I have worked on:

  • One to one coaching for future women leaders to help them be seen and heard
  • 12 week mentoring programme for women to feel more confident public speaking
  • Upskilling 700 people with basic coaching skills to support the move to a new performance system
  • Coaching people through a career setback to enable them to address feedback and successfully get promoted next time
  • Helping a team build trust with each other to support a new way of working
  • Creating an action learning set with a team that needed to build business development skills on a limited budget

I believe the best solutions come from working in partnership with you and I also know that when you hire an external it’s to free up your time for other priorities. We’ll work out the right balance for you before we start and then I will help you:


Every organisation is unique and so every solution needs to be unique too. The first step to designing a solution is to define the outcome you want, the second is to diagnose the actual problem getting in the way.

Solutions are more likely to be successful if they are evidence based so I like to collect data and speak to the people whose performance we want to improve.

Data helps us define measures of success to allow us both to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution so we can make iterative changes to get the best outcome.


The simplest solution is often the best solution and the one that emerges from the organisation is better still. And even better than that is any solution that we can rapidly learn from. 

When I’m working with organisations I use the principles of design thinking to unlock their performance potential.

Design thinking is a method for tackling ill-defined problems by reframing them in a way that encourages organisations to put the focus on the people they are creating for. It follows three main steps:

  • Empathy – really understanding what your end user needs or wants.
  • Idea generating mode – come up with as many ideas as possible, the crazier the better
  • Experimenting – rough and ready prototyping, iteratively making improvements based on the end users feedback

At the end of this phase you will have a bespoke solution with plans tailored to fit your organisational needs that are simple, easy to implement and backed by data.


Once we know what we need to do then it’s time to put that plan into action and you have my full on support to implement the plan and make it a success.

Your solution will be unique to you and may include elements of:

  • One to one coaching – giving your high potential people time and space to change the way they operate
  • Team coaching – bringing the team together to be more than the sum of its parts
  • Group coaching – creating a cohort of people facing similar challenges a forum to tackle these
  • Creating resources to help your people perform at their best
  • Pilot and rollout of a learning programme designed for you

Evaluation of effectiveness is essential to this process. I believe it’s best to fail fast and often so we get the feedback we need  before committing valuable resources.

Get in touch and we can talk with about how I can help your organisation do business better by getting the best out of your people.

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