Let’s take this outside…

Two cranes fighting in mid air above the sea
On a run this week I was thinking about the eventual return to the office. I’ve got some training work where it’s two days in a classroom with 25 other people. Even if they halve that number and we all stay 2 meters apart I still don’t feel safe in that environment.
Where I do feel safe is outdoors, good airflow and lots of space equals a lower risk of virus infection.
In almost all of the zoom meetings I’ve been in, people share how being outdoors and in nature has really helped them cope with sudden changes in our freedoms.
We often suggest going outside for fresh air when someone is stuck.
There is even a whole field of thought called Biomimicry which is about being inspired by nature to create solutions that support our environment rather than just take from it.
There are so many benefits to being outside that I wondered, in cases where you need to bring people together in person for them to learn, could we take everyone outside?
Of course the unpredictability of weather is a problem, but I haven’t seem any companies collapse because planned leadership training had to be paused while they dealt with COVID. There would be challenges to overcome in how the content is delivered but if COVID has taught us anything it is how adaptable we can be when we have to be. How many ‘we can’ts’ have been transformed into ‘we cans’ in less than a few weeks?
As you think about the future of learning and the purpose of the office, take some time to think about outside, as well as online.
Just remember you’ll need sunscreen.

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