Coaching Skills for Managers

You have new managers who are great at the technical side of their jobs but they are:

  • Finding it hard to balance a hectic schedule with empowering their teams.
  • Struggling to delegate and heading for burn out.
  • Getting low engagement scores and their turnover is high.

The answer is to Think Like a Coach.

Introducing the Coaching Two-Step framework

This is a simple yet transformative approach to managing a team that focuses on three fundamental coaching skills that your managers use daily: listening, asking questions and summarising.

Managers will learn how to use these skills to:

  • Boost performance and productivity.
  • Promote commitment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.
  • Free up precious time to focus on important tasks.
  • Make recruitment and retention easier and smoother.
  • Drive and deliver excellence in a team that’s motivated and empowered.

Your managers probably think coaching takes too much time. It doesn’t have to. I’ll show them it’s not an add on or an extra, it can be seamlessly integrated into their management style with every day conversations.

How does it work?

Workshops are for 2-3 hours and for up to 12 people.

Any bigger and I find we run out of time for me to help with any questions. They can be held in person or virtually, great for your geographically distributed teams.


What my clients say about me

If we had the budget, what more could we do?

We suggest running one or two follow up sessions for 60-90 minutes so that your managers can practice coaching and get feedback to help them get even better and grow their confidence. 

The format of these is: 

  1. Share successes and challenges 
  2. Refresh the Coaching Two-Step and principles 
  3. Coaching practice in trios
  4. Debrief, questions and commitments.

Think Like a Coach

As a takeaway, you could gift your managers a copy of Think Like a Coach to act as their trusty go-to guide after the workshop. Alternatively we can email them all an A4 pdf with the main points to refer back to.


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