Wheel of Life 1st Quarter Check-in

It’s quarterly check-in time.

Back in January I introduced you to the wheel of life as a way to reflect on your life and decide where to focus your energy for the coming months. 
If you’ve no idea what I’m on about then this letter will reveal all. Now is a good time to start creating your wheel. 
If you joined me in drawing your wheel it’s time to pull it out and check-in with yourself.

The check-in 

Redraw your wheel of life and rate yourself on each segment as of today. You can use the same segments as last time or change them, it’s up to you. 

Look at both wheels side by side, what do you notice? 

My wheel of life in April that shows my self-rating on eight areas, family, business, learning, garden, home, health, money and friends.

The first thing I notice is that most segments have either improved or stayed stable and given my frustration that I wasn’t able to improve in my health segment it’s a good reminder to be even more kind to myself. 

What are your wins, what enabled them to happen? 

A big win this quarter was publication of Think Like A Coach and that happened because I was consistent and drew on the support of all around me, including you. Here’s a little clip from the launch that I want you to hear.  

You might not have been in the room but you are part of my team and I’m so thankful for your support.  

What didn’t go well and what did you learn? 

One of my focus areas has been to improve my health and for me that meant increasing flexibility and strength, none of which happened. What I’ve learnt is that I need to bring the same consistency I bring to my writing to exercise and I need to listen to my body better. Rest days aren’t slacking off. 

Where do you want to focus your energy for the next quarter? 

I’m ending the quarter feeling quite low on energy, I’m hoping a few weeks away back in NZ will turn that around. But for this quarter I’m going to put what energy I have into health because I can see the other segments are ticking along nicely and all going well I’ve have more energy to channel into them. 

What have you learnt from your check-in? Reply and let me know.  

Where can I buy a copy of Think Like A Coach? 

Think Like A Coach is available in the UK from Amazon and The Right Book Press. Worldwide it is available through Amazon. Links here.

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