What’s the point of adventure?


My word of 2022.

I’m still trying to figure out what it means but it kept coming up so I decided to accept it.

I mean that’s the embodiment of adventure, isn’t it?

Launching into the unknown.

Enjoying the journey.

Dealing with the unexpected.


What’s the point of a word of the year?

For me, it’s about choosing a word that is a symbol of how I want to be.

Although I don’t yet know how adventure is going to unfold, I have an inkling it’ll be in a gentle way. I seem to always be in a rush and I’m curious about what I miss.


How do you find your word of the year?

I find mine in different places each year.

2020’s was EASE. At least I think it was. I can’t find anything where I officially made it so. I talk a lot about it in my reflections and in this letter I seem to have made peace with it.

2021’s was CONSISTENCY. I got it from Kim Arnold who taught be it is the secret to good marketing.

2022’s is ADVENTURE and came from an exercise I did in Emer O’Leary’s Draw Your Future course.

She asked us what we would do if the world ended in 6 months. My logical brain was like, umm the world will be in chaos! My gut screamed SPEND IT ALL! Thoughts of travel, driving fast, Michelin restaurants and lush hotels filled my thoughts. Adventure felt like a good fit.

I really like this free download from Year Compass. It gently guides you through a goodbye to the previous year and helps you imagine the one ahead. You can do it in one sitting or over several days, whatever feels good for you.

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