What’s the hardest part about coaching?

This week I had a chemistry meeting with an ambitious woman.
That’s where coach and client meet to see if the fit between them is right before they start a coaching relationship.
And  she asked me an absolutely awesome question:
“What’s the hardest part about coaching?”
It got me thinking that there are probably tons of questions out there about coaching.
It’s an unregulated industry where outside of coaches, or people that have worked with a coach, few people even know what it is. Even I who know what is sometimes struggle to explain it in one sentence.
So I’m going to start a FAQs segment where I answer your questions about coaching and I need your help.
Will you spend 2 minutes to fill in this quick survey for me?
It has some questions I think people might be curious about as well as space to ask your own and all answers are anonymous.
“What’s the hardest part about coaching?”
Oops almost forgot to tell you the answer I gave to this question.
I think the hardest part is realising that if you want things to change you have to be willing to change yourself.
And that is what I look for when I’m having a chemistry meeting with someone.
If someone is not at least curious about how they might be standing in their own way, even if they are highly skeptical, I suggest they might not be in the headspace for coaching right now. It’s just me and them in the room and we can’t change people who aren’t there.
Pic of the week
Last weekend I went on an Urban Photography Safari with my friend Alice, it was a birthday present.
For 90 minutes we were guided by the incredibly warm and quirky Claire who helped us to take great photos with our phones. She gave us just enough rules to take good photos without over burdening our brains so much that we were too paralysed to take any.
Check out my insta for a few of my favourite shots from that day.
And here is one I took of the new pots I’ve planted up in my garden. Come spring they will be alive with alliums, daffodils, iris’ and tulips. For now they’re topped with white heather, white violas, and pink and white bellis.
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